Clear skin awaits you!

Your Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist will establish a home care routine based on your skin and acne type. As experts, they will make necessary adjustments throughout the treatment process. Additionally, your Acne Specialist will customize each treatment appointment based on the condition of your skin at the time.


What is acne?

Acne is a disease of the pores. It can be caused by certain drugs, medications or exposure to chemicals but most acne is an inherited tendency. Dead skin cells shed too quickly in the acne-prone pore, forming a plug along with sebum and hair. This is where the problem begins. If the body doesn’t see the plug as an invader, it remains as a non-inflamed lesion, also known as a blackhead. If it does, the plug turns into pimples, pustules and cysts. 


Schedule a consultation! Your Acne Specialist will analyze your skin, then design a product and treatment regimen specifically for your skin and acne type. Let your Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist guide you to clear skin. Products alone will not solve your acne problem.

Acne Consult & First Treatment $80

Get clear skin in 90 days or less with your customized acne regimen. (4 visits are recommended)

Each visit after initial visit $70.

Book all 3 in advance for $185 and SAVE $25.

Additional appointment times available upon request!


Grand Rapids 1st Acne Certified Specialist

With over 17 years of experience in the skin care industry, I have specialized in medical grade acne treatments, lasers, microneedling, microdermabrasions, and chemical peels.

The new certification allows me to customize treatment plans optimized for in-office and personal home care regimens.

I am looking forward to restoring your skin and customizing your acne needs.  

- Felicia Bonner, Owner of Ageless Beauty